Berlin Skin Weekend 2023

Matt Chav Exhibition

#Skinheads Intimacy and Loneliness Project

A project of illustrations that speak of intimacy, loneliness, brotherhood and pain. All depicted through a journey of several digital images that illustrate the skinhead gay fetish scene, with portraits of known and unknown people and photographic frames taken from underground cult movies.
The beauty of a hidden intimacy, often characterized by a sense of loneliness and brotherhood. The strength of pain, at the basis of our daily routines. The importance of intimacy, of certain details, sharing moments with special people to be in tune with. The emptiness of certain queer eyes entering your heart helping you to come out for the second time.

Matteo Mena is an eclectic figure of the Milanese underground scene who focuses his creative and personal researches on musical subcultures with a particular predisposition to the English working class aesthetics between mod, skinhead, new wave and post-internet queer culture. His work as a shoe designer leads him to travel between Italy, Spain and the UK, absorbing different cultures and attitudes that make his sensitivity towards less exposed areas of society and new gender identities, multi-faceted and fluid.

Exhibition Dates : 2-5 November

Opening : 2 November from 18h

MA-LU 15
Martin-Lüther Str 15

Großstadtwahnsinn - Oi! Gig

Oi! Gig at SO36 with :

Lower Class Brats
Reckless Upstarts
Violent Way

Friday 3 November 20h00 – Open End

Oranienstraße 190, 10999 Berlin – Kreuzberg

Book your Thursday ticket here : SO36 Gig Ticket

Under the Berlin Wall - Guided tour

Hear the stories of the people who tunnelled to freedom.

A guided tour to a bunker.

Friday 3 November 15h30 – 17h30

Price : 20€ (pre-registration required)
Language : English

@Berliner Unterwelten
Badstrasse / corner Hochstrasse, 13357 Berlin

Contact Us for booking

Skins & Punks Nighter

The Skins & Punks party with a dj session of Ska, Reggae, Rocksteady, Oi! and Punk music.

Friday 3 November 21h – Open End

Motzstraße 30, Berlin

Skin&Sports party

Saturday 4 November 16h – 20h

Fuggerstraße 37, Berlin


Fetish Social Berlin

Skins & Punks are joining Fetish Social Berlin.

Fully inclusive social party for fetishists/kink players. All gender/sexualities.

Sunday 5 November 18h – Open End
FSB Headquater
Büllowstraße 5, Berlin
(Lift 6th floor)

Event info

Matt Chav Exhibition – Opening
Thursday 2 November 2023
18h – 20h – MA-LU 15

Oi! gig
Thursday 2 November 2023
20h – Open End – SO36

Under the Berlin Wall
Guided tour
Friday 3 November 2023
15h30 – 17h30 – Berliner Unterwelten

Skins & Punks Nighter
Friday 3 November 2023
21h – Open End – Mutschmanns

Skin & Sports Party
Saturday 4 November 2023
16h -20h – WOOF

Saturday 4 November 2023
21h – 1h – Scheune

Fetish Social Berlin
Sunday 5 November 2023
18h – Open End – FBS Headquater


More info

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Both Skins & Punks United We Stand and BLF Easter Berlin code of conduct will be applicable.

In collaboration with Pig-Prod.


This is a party, not a movie shooting!

Saturday 4 November 21h – 1h

Motzstraße 25, Berlin