about Us

Since 1997 we were known as FENIX (FENIX Gay Skin Nation, later FENIX Global Skinhead Movement), now we continue the same way, same roots, as Skins & Punks United We Stand.

Skins & Punks United We Stand is a gay skinheads & punks community based in Belgium aims to perpetuate the spirit of the true meaning of brotherhood.

Our main goal is to promote the skinhead & punks culture/lifestyle at the gay scene by creating a network that will allows exchanges and meetings between these gay skins & punks who share our common interest. Therefore Skins & Punks United We Stand organizes and promotes international Gay Skinhead Events in order to bring gay skinhead & punk together from all over the world, and develops communication/co-operation with several other gay communities/associations.

Another of our goals is to keep alive the archives of skinheads events that took place in Antwerp or where FENIX was cooperate with. You will find it on FENIX menu section.

There is of course this website that will explain who we are to the curious.

We are a strictly NON RACIST organization.
This is an essential part of our philosophy and we insist on having respect for this principal. The strong anti-racist beliefs are what true traditionalists share and try to represent at all costs. The bottom line is, RACISM IS NOT TO BE TOLERATED IN THE SKINHEAD CULTURE.

If you would like to become part of our brotherhood, we look forward to welcoming you to our events.

You can find us on different social media :

  • Facebook : like our page “Skins & Punks United We Stand”
  • Instagram : follow our page “Skins & Punks United We Stand”
  • Planetromeo : you can request to join the group “Skins & Punks United We Stand

Skins & Punks United We Stand” is a de-facto association (according to Art.27 of the Belgian Constitution).