Darklands 2023 - program of our events

Skins & Punks BBQ

The BBQ last year was a great success. We will hold the annual Skins & Punks BBQ at the Outpost Bar. Chef Erwin assisted by Oink Club crew will grill some delicious meat and serve it with fresh vegetables.

Required ticket : only BBQ ticket, no need of festival ticket.

Book your ticket directly at Darklands : https://darklands.be/oi-3/

Skins & Punks Nighter

Once the barbecue is over, we invite you all to dance off those calories at the Skins & Punks Nighter. DJ Rafa Nunes from Brazil will spin your favourite beats at the House of Riegillio stage from 10 pm to 1 am.

Required Ticket : Fusion or Madness or Alpha Madness

DJ Rafa Nunes

will play Oi!, Ska and Punk music

Skins, Punks & Body-Mods Gathering

On Saturday 11 March (5pm till 6pm), there will be a ‘Skins, Punks, & Body-Mods Collective Chaos Gathering’ at the festival. This will be a social gathering that is all about inclusiveness, diversity, and acceptance.

Body-Mods are sometimes marginalized, so the Skins & Punks felt it was time to support them and will help them start this gathering. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun, music, dance, drinks, and talks.

Thanks to Kev Matthews (modpunk1) for approaching us.

There will have a photoshot during that gathering with Arjan (Spannenburg Art).

See you at Outpost bar

Required ticket : no need of festival ticket.

Skins & Punks social

The last day of the main festival, there will be a hangover social at the House of Riegillio stage from 2 pm till 3 pm. Tebby and Joël will be your hosts. They invite everybody to raise a glass to another great weekend in Antwerp.

Required Ticket : Day festival or Madness or Alpha Madness

Event info

Skins & Punks BBQ
Friday 10 March 2023
6pm – 9pm
Outpost area

Skins & Punks Nighter
Friday 10 March 2023
10pm – 1am
House of Riegillio Stage

Skins, Punks & Body-Mods Collective Chaos Gathering
Saturday 11 March 2023
5pm – 6pm
Outpost bar

Skins & Punks Social
Sunday 12 Marcg 2023
2pm – 3pm
House of Riegillio Stage


More info

Please visit : Darklands.be

Both Skins & Punks United We Stand and Darklands code of conduct will be applicable.

Darklands Festival 2023 - Skins & Punks program